Cice Rivera
Author Cice Rivera currently resides in Florida. She has attended New York Institute of Photography and several performing art schools. She has been performing for many years as an actress, singer, and dancer. She started modeling with print and working in fashion shows. She last performed at New York Comedy Club, and her last films were ARF and Lying Beside You. She was a featured performer in Blue's Clues. The last video she performed in was Deuce. Cice also worked on many commercials, most recently for the supermarket ShopRite and the sports channel ESPN.
    Cice plays a character on a soap opera In Our World. This is her second season playing the character of Sylvia Solisanos and she is very happy with the way the character is expanding. Cice has taken on an active role of production this year as the Producer. Hair / Make-up artist and Director of Photography for the show.
    Cice is extremely delighted with the opportunity she has been given to utilize her talents. Last but not least, Cice is also a published writer. Her current book out, A Rainbow Behind a Shadow is offered at or Barnes& She has also recently published and contributed award-winning poetry to Under A Quicksilver Moon and The Sound Of Music, which will be available on book, CD and cassette. Both should be released in the next six months, so watch out for them.